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Ticket System Notes

Submitting Tickets into the Case Handling System

In order to manage all requests coming into Research and Development we have implemented a case handling system.  Please use this system for the following:

  • To schedule project related work such as installs and project related customizations.

  • To notify us on any issues.

  • To request features for existing applications.

There are two ways to submit cases to the system: 
or (Click on New Case)


Via Email

1.    Compose an e-mail to including the following information:

a.    For scheduling project related work :
i.    Description of work (if work is unclear).
ii.    Project Number
iii.    The project related specifications such as question type etc.

b.    For an issue report:

i.    Steps to reproduce - be as specific as possible and include a url and client. i.    What you expected to happen.
ii.    What happened instead.
iii.    Please attach any files to the email. Examples of good attachments are:
•    Screen shots of the error message
•    An example of the source xml you are using / parsing / rendering
•    Any other files that are difficult to access or are relevant to the request.

c.    For a feature request:

i.    Description of the feature
ii.    Client or group making the request
iii.    Intended purpose of the feature.

2.    Within several minutes you should get a response from Fogbugz regarding your case giving you information including a you ticket tracking number and a link to the status of your case. This link takes you to a page where you can follow the progress of your case as well as any other cases you have submitted.

Via the Web

If you wish to provide more detailed information please use the following link: 
  • Title - A brief description of your request or query
  • Project - Project that his request relates to. Filling in this field correctly will get the problem addressed in the appropriate order
  • Area - The developer that you think should address this issue. Use “Any Developer” if you are unsure.
  • Email - Your e-mail address.
  • Project Number- Enter the Project Number
  • Client - Enter the Client Name
  • Main Text Field- Describe your issue or request here. Follow the same guidelines for the e-mail version above.

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