2/10/2009 4:32 PM

SCORM 2004

Initial Notes

agrigates now activities

IMS Manifest

new section: <imsss:sequencingCollection> <sequencing> and <presentation added to <item>s in <organisation>

  • "cluster"
    • activity and its immediate children - an internal node (not leaves)
  • "learning acivity"
    • "a meaning ful uint of instruction"
    • have a discreate start and finish
    • have well-defined comletion and mastery conditions
      • can be nested
      • exist in context of their parents if they exist
  • "atempt"
    • an effort to complete an activity
    • can satisfy more than one objective.
    • each attempt is completed on one activity and as part of an attempt on that activities ancesstors
    • aka a sequencing session
    • can be suspended (and another one attempted)


defualts defined in <imsss:sequencingCollection>

  • only used if item is lacking the definition for that top level sequencing element


  • Only primary one contributes to rollup
  • related to list of objectives through objective map (each objective in the map has read / write flags)
  • each activity has a primary objective and a set of local objectives. a local objective becomes a global objective if it is referenced as the target objective in an objective map.
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