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The following document comprises the development plan for OperatorSuite 5

Table of Features

The table below lists the features for OperatorSuite 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5+. Feature for OperatorSuite 5.3 have already been implemented.

Description of Features

Version 5.2.1 (Baseline)

To produce version 5.2.1. Defects in enhancements for OperatorSuite as listed by Organizational Development were dealt with and closed off. For details please download the following file.


Version 5.3 (Implemented)

The following features were implemented in OperatorSuite 5.3


Capability to Import SCORM 1.2 conformant packages with aggregates of one or more SCOs. The systems accepts a package as a zip file, unzips the file and mounts the WBT.

Replace Telerik TreeView Drag and Drop In all interfaces of the application that use drag and drop for placing nodes underneath other nodes. A double list box has been used to replace the drag and drop tree view. Benefits to this approach are:

* Lesser bandwith between browser and server * No scrolling of lists due to tree fallout to bottom of page * More intuitive/reactive interface

The following interfaces were modified:

* Build Position (list box) and links to View Position tree view * Build Role (list box) and links to View Role tree view * Build Group (list box) and links to View Group tree view

Windows Authentication

Logging in to the system via by picking up the user’s domain account. New users can be added by a self-service sign up form. Changing a setting in web.config changes the system from windows authentication to .NET forms authentication.

User Study Workspace

Workspace where the user may choose their assigned AI, navigate the AI tree and launch view the end nodes (assessments, offline training and WBT). Similar to OperatorSuite4 study workspace.

Reversal of archive

Workspace modifications to allow archive status to be replaced for the following:

* Position (adding archive status to the dropdown list) * Role (adding archive status to the dropdown list) * Task (adding archive status to the dropdown list) * Training course (adding archive status to the dropdown list) * Assessment Event (adding check box to the close assessment event form, and only administrator can reverse archived event)

Filter memory

Each filter in a workspace retains the last filter criteria for the current session.

Selected user memory

The selected user in a workspace is retained for the current session.

Version 5.4

Batch import of forms

a. Bulk import of task when provided as a batch of XML files. b. Bulk import of training courses (offline training course: cut and paste import). Status: move to version 5.4.0. Reason, slow operation in current schema. Need faster schema in 5.4.0 to finish in a timely manner.

Evaluation Workspace

Similar in appearance to assessment workspaces. CDCA team to provide specification on variances of this workspace with assessment workspaces.

Messaging Subsystem

Capability to send e-mail via STMP. To be used for: * Password reset * Expiration notifications * Change of competency condition

User Records Transfer

Features to allow a user to take their records from one instance of OperatorSuite 5 to another instance of OperatorSuite. The user will be able to export their information to non-volatile external memory. Includes features to ensure integrity and correctness of data.

Version 5.5+

Replacement For Crystal Report or Upgrade

Either upgraded the system to the current version of Crystal report or develop/buy a suitable replacement.

Threaded Comments

From ATD provided modules, allow comments to be added into the system. Accounts with access to the comments workspace can reply to the comment thread Accounts with access to the feature can close a comments thread.

Features Not Implemented in OperatorSuite

Task form editor

Using an online form editor to create and edit task assessments and evaluations.

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