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AMEC’s Learning Management System – OperatorSuite™

AMEC’s Learning Management System OperatorSuite™ is designed to help you easily manage your process operator and maintenance training and job progression. OperatorSuite™ helps ensure the right training is delivered to the right people, and that training supports their actual job requirements. OperatorSuite™ allows you to assign training and assessments, and track employees’ progress through online, offline, classroom, on-the-job, on-site or off-site training components. To help you maintain a competent workforce, OperatorSuite™ also tracks expiry of qualification requirements.

OperatorSuite™ allows you to integrate content from many providers, as it is conformant with the web-based training international standard protocol SCORM.

You benefit from AMEC’s tools that efficiently manage progression through job roles, provide a record of competence and proof of regulatory compliance. For ease of use, we have grouped these tools into five major areas called workspaces.

OperatorSuite™ – Study Workspace

The Study Workspace provides a single point of entry where the trainees access all information about their training program.

The Study Workspace provides direct access to any assigned online materials, and allows trainees to review information about offline events such as classroom training, on-the-job training or face-to-face assessments. Online assessments communicate with the application through AMEC’s SCORM conformant interface, thereby automatically updating training records as web-based training is completed. The Study Workspace also allows students to view, at a glance, their progress through the training, their status, and their outstanding courses.

OperatorSuite™ – Define Workspace

The Define Workspace allows you to manage training based on your employees’ jobs.

In this workspace, you add people and training content to the system, and assign underpinning knowledge and skills to support role profiles and competencies.

OperatorSuite™ – Assign Workspace

The Assign Workspace provides efficient assignment of courses to people.

Assign Workspace lets you assign courses to individuals or to groups. This allows you to effectively manage assignments simply and automatically for individuals, shifts, disciplines or locations. Using group memberships, managing complicated assignments for large numbers of people become a simple operation. For instance, OperatorSuite™ can provide an automatic gap analysis of competency requirements between two jobs that share common knowledge and skill requirements, so when people transfer between those jobs, only the difference between the two requirements needs to be completed.

OperatorSuite™ – Assess Workspace

This tool allows instructors and assessors to create and record offline assessments such as a workshop performance assessment or results from a class-room training course.

OperatorSuite™ – Report Workspace

The Report Workspace allows the training manager to view all progress throughout the training program.

The Report Workspace provides the training manager with a variety of report formats to develop reports of training module assignments and competence status, and manage the organisation’s complete training program.

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