2/10/2009 4:39 PM

Developer Conference Notes

Inital Conference

  • Latency Issues for Editor -- will address these later in the project
  • Archive vs. Delete -- this project will only have the Delete function
  • Tree = Module -- yes all trees are modules and all modules are trees
  • Scope of move node -- like a copy and paste...
  • module importing (to OS) -- put button in editor
  • IDs in which nodes -- all nodes
  • locking system not versioning system -- well we are keeping the old published versions and can roll back to them.
  • Questions as children of content -- no... we will keep the current layout for now.
  • leave module names / #s alone - yes... leave as they are.
  • when we link to a UID inside a module return the entire module

Document Review Session

  • Restore Module - where are you getting that list of modules from? -- added the ListModuleVersions.asp
  • What happens to deleted nodes -- how do we find them? right now they are automaticaly deleted from the tblXML but we need to make sure these deletes are cascaded to the other tables. -- them just deleteing is fine. Make sure that the castcade delete works.
  • sorting / filtering -- handeled on the editor side.
  • the current version of the published XML in tblPublishedXML should be marked with a bit so that searching for it is fast.
  • Functional Outline section was moved to logic sections of each .asp page.
  • naming standards:
    • parameter names -- camel case first letter lowercase
    • SQL column names -- camel case first letter uppercase
    • abbreviations -- all uppercase
    • SQL key words -- all lowercase

Document Review Session Part 2

  • new.asp / duplicate.asp - why the "area" attribute? -- this is a standard tag. just put it in the root tag of the module
  • duplicate.asp - how does locking work? - module must be unlocked to be duplicated.
  • usp_delete - do we delete previously published versions?
    • In the delete.asp file check that there are no tracking records for the given module
    • republish a blank xml string into tblPublishedXML
      • add note to the create new use case that says "if the module code has been used before you will get the old modules history"
  • publish and delete need to update operator suite somehow.
  • Username length = 255
  • ModuleID length = 255


  • Should the system handel tabs? output like input? or output consistent?
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